MagnaPlay redefines how Studios & Publishers localize their titles by providing an all-in-one platform fully integrated into the development workflow.

Why are we different? Tech-driven, always.

Forged in the heart of Silicon Valley, MagnaPlay equips translators with cutting-edge tech, transforming them into word-wielding wizards of the gaming universe.

Key insights
Out-of-the-box accuracy. MagnaAI can translate up to 92% of your game accurately in minutes.

We support experts with accurate translations from the start, streamlining their process, minimizing strain, and improving their speed.

Catching the overlooked. In our experience, an average-sized RPG game contains over 1520 errors post human QA - we catch them.

Tiny as they may be, these errors are not too small for our flagging system. From issues in your kit to inconsistencies in your translations, including broken HTML or inconsistent glossary, we ensure they're flagged for review.

Speedy processing. We tackle up to 3000 words per minute, quickly channeling them towards QA or manual review.

As a publisher, get your source content processed and sanitized in minutes. It integrates seamlessly into our platform, ready for immediate review by a dedicated QA team. Smaller studios and translators can utilize MagnaAI's output directly and enhance it manually using our tools.

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Simplify your workflow. Focus on building your game.

If you're the one needing localization, often times this process largely evolves around you, through multiple channels and in a very unstructured manner. Streamline that experience with MagnaPlay.


One unified platform

Experience the convenience of a one-stop solution for all your localization needs. Say goodbye to confusing email chains with scattered files, links, and queries. Consolidate your localization tasks through one reliable platform.


Update your ever-evolving source material

Making a game is filled with twists and turns, with constant updates to its kit. Our platform evolves in sync with your game, serving as a comprehensive string repository equipped with tools to streamline your game development. With the ability to update strings on the fly, export your kit in various formats, and even build your game using our engine extensions, you're always in control.

Empowering translators with breakthrough features

Our stellar translation quality, rapid turnaround, and competitive pricing are not just by chance. They're the result of our pioneering technology and a relentless drive for perfection.

Robust Flagger

We check strings for potential issues, including: custom tokens, style guide inconsistencies, HTML integrity, glossary mismatch, length, and much, much, more.

Tone & Meaning Vectorization

We use transformers and LLMs to compare  your source strings and their translations, ensuring the underlying meaning and tone remain intact.

Custom Integration

Don't worry about converting your specific file-formats into the platform, we got you covered. This automation lets you concentrate on game development while we handle the localization seamlessly.

Translator-Assist Panel

From document searching, translation memory, and glossary management to context-aware resources, collaboration channels, and predictive text input – we're redefining what a CAT tool can do.