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Localizing games should be child's play

Get an excellent localization, with full transparency in 1/3rd of the time.
Built specifically for game developers and publishers.

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We guarantee the quality of your translation, and give you the tools and visibility you need to
know it’s going great every step of the way.

No off-beat references or literal translations. No broken HTML, fonts, or code snippets.

Get the tech, or a full translation solution



Industry leading machine translation. Translation quality evaluation dashboard.

  • Unlimited projects
  • Up to 1,000,000 source words
  • Industry leading machine translation to 25+ languages
  • Translation quality evaluation dashboard
  • Fully integrated project management and translation tools
  • Integrations to automatically extract, translate and push new strings
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Full Translation Solution


We work exclusively with native translators experienced in the gaming industry.

  • Free platform access
  • Automated context extraction and preparation
  • Live progress updates, centralized communication
  • Content, consistency and UI monitoring
  • Comprehensive QA
  • Dedicated Project Manager
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Indie developer grant

If you're a small team or getting started, reach out to us! You could be elegible to use MagnaPlay for free and release your game to the whole world.

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Keep your head in the game

MagnaPlay allows your team to localize with zero effort, so you can
stay focused on building.

Full Visibility

Take ownership of your quality and timeline

You don't speak German, Japanese, and every language out there, so we'll tell you how good your kit truly is.

Noise Canceling

We get communications directly to the right individuals.

We centralize all of your workflows, including questions that will inevitably come up. We'll catch most before they get to you, and pipe the ones that do to the right people only.

Set it, and Forget it

New strings are piped through localization automatically

New strings and changes are extracted, localized, and published automatically. Focus on what matters most: your game.

Some things only work with us

MagnaPlay is built differently from traditional localization. Our flexibility helps us excel at use cases you'd assume wouldn't work.

  • Small Batches

    Our efficiency allows us to keep our prices low, even if you only want 100 words translated.

  • Zero Risk

    With 0 additional cost per language for AI, you can experiment before investing in new regions.

  • Live Ops Excellence

    Our infrastructure, speed, and stable costs make us the best friend of Live Ops games.

  • Marketing Muscle

    Our translations leverage your entire game's content. This makes our model the best way to translate marketing content.